Air Purifiers are mechanical devices that take the oxygen in the air and cycle it through their systems to clean the air that the purchaser and their guests will be breathing in an enclosed space. These helpful tools are very commonly used in households where there are people at risk for allergies, women who are pregnant and need to filter the air for their babies. Air purifier for smokers is a great options for people that wish to reduce or even eliminate the amount of second hand smoke from cigarette smokers that they take in. They come in smaller specific units for smaller businesses or even homes, but also come in larger sizes for larger corporations, often being hooked up with an air handler unit, or AHU as they are known for short.

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The Harmful Effects Of Sawdust

Air purifiers can also be found in the filtration systems in hospitals for their patients, as well as other commercial businesses such as furniture companies where they cut the wood for building. The sawdust in the air can cause extreme damage to a carpenter’s respiratory system. The larger pieces of sawdust are less worrisome to carpenters, the more dangerous things to worry about are the pieces they can’t see. Known as coarse inhalable particles by many, these mostly invisible elements can cause various long term effects that leave a victim in pain and suffering for a long time to come. These elements remain in the area even after the power tools have long since powered down.

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These dangerous microscopic razor blades get inhaled by unsuspecting victims and enter the lungs, where the tiny sharp pieces cut up in the inside of the lungs, causing the smallest of wounds that can add up and scar the lungs. There isn’t any sign right away that there is anything wrong, or that they were inhaled right away. However, over time, it adds up, causing rashes, difficulty breathing and chest pains.

Saw dust is also a substance known as an irritant, which can also cause pain to the eyes and even the skin, and in some cases, the accumulation of the saw dust can cause rashes on the skin that can cause itchiness and irritation. So, it is no wonder why they known as irritants. With the threat of sawdust in commercial businesses as well as hobbyists at home, there are solutions that need to be come up with to help eliminate these threats to carpenters. Luckily, there is one tool that is very efficient at wiping out these microscopic threats that carpenters create for themselves, and that is air purifiers.